GTA5 Funny Moments - Winning Back the Casino (by Dying Constantly)!

2021 Луу 19-нд
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  • 2018 car

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  • This dude is literally my childhood

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  • Me a Jamaican listening to Brian butcher my accent: Nice

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  • 4:16 🤣🤣 ummmm I can explain

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  • Its almost like Vanoss prepared all these videos because its like he records and plays a game everyday

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  • Thor: bring me thanos!! NPC’s: bring me vanoss!!

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  • I still love that Vincent gets his revenge in the casino heist.

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  • *has flashbacks of childhood*

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  • 4:02 floating clipboard is seen accompanied by bloody Droid. 8:22 Vanoss is definitely a child.😂

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    • @Raymond Scott oh my gosh u right

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    • I think Droid is telekinetic. He got that nose bleed from making that clipboard float in the first place :0

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  • Vanoss you are the fuckin man. Love you’re videos

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  • rumers say he plays gmod snadbox in his dreams

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  • This feels so wholesome that Droid is playing with Vanoss, Moo, and Terroriser 👍👍👍

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  • Hoodie

  • 7 years ago : watching vanoss after school 2021: still watching “banoss” after school

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