Gartic Phone Funny Moments - Terroriser Was Late, So We Tortured Him!

2021 Мог 8-нд
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  • The frog part reminded me of Asui from MHA🐸😂

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  • *Brian getting tortured* Vanoss: Content

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  • All of it is terrorizer and snotty🤣😂

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  • It went from a werewolf in a trolley car to half scooby doo and half Garfield

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  • 16:08 brings a whole new meaning to the word brown nosing

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  • 0:28 only one acces to futurepeniss 1:30 a hat with nouns and verbs 7:00 Icer 7:48 ferris wheel

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  • 14:53 When I saw 'thicc frog', I immediately thought of thicc Froppy...

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  • 15:42 It’s Victini vs Humpty Dumpty

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  • 13:00 Kryoz handwriting is so pretty

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  • Insults, sarcasm, bullying = FRIENDSHIP

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  • 13:17 few will get this reference "Tonight, you"

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  • Gmod hide and seek pls

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  • Hey Vanoss!

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  • 15:47 Vanoss kinda looked like All Might :/

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  • 14:49 dang that frog is THICCCC

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  • New Minecraft update, let’s see some Minecraft

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  • #StopBullyingBrian

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    • hey im on the road to 3k can you help?

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